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Scientific series

Laboratory leaflets
A long-standing series aimed at the fishing industry, fisheries managers, junior technicians and interested laypersons rather than a scientific readership. Covers both fisheries and environmental aspects.
Data reports
A series especially designed for the speedy production of computer-derived data, generally with minimal text or interpretation. Both fisheries and environmental subjects are covered.
Technical reports
Long-standing series, mostly of a more technical nature, detailing scientific procedures, results and interpretation of both fisheries and environmental topics.
Aquatic environment reports
There are two series of aquatic environment reports:
Aquatic environment protection: analytical methods
A comparatively new series which complements the aquatic environment monitoring reports by providing detailed descriptions of the laboratory procedures used in the preparation and analysis of environmental materials.
Aquatic environment monitoring reports
A series specifically for commentary on data collected under long-term programmes. Normally issued on an annual basis for the major programmes, but reports covering one-off projects are also produced.
Radioactivity in Food and the Environment (RIFE)
A yearly report that includes data on concentrations of radionuclides in food, sediments, soils, air, water and plants, and radiation dose rates over various substrates.
Environment reports
Cefas issues scientific reports on specific projects for it's clients. Where these are not controlled by commercial or other restrictions we have a policy of making them accessible.
Green Book
All Competent Monitoring Authorities undertaking monitoring for the Clean Seas Environmental Monitoring Programme use the programmes' monitoring manual, the Green Book.

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