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We produce a variety of publications, many of which can be found on this website in PDF format for download and viewing.

In addition, our scientists contribute over 150 articles to peer-reviewed scientific journals each year. References and abstracts of these can also be found on this site.


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A Comparison of Supervised Classification Methods for the Prediction of Substrate Type Using Multibeam Acoustic and Legacy Grain-Size Data
D. Stephens*, M. Diesing* (2014) Plos One 9 (4) e93950
Levels and trends of PBDEs and HBCDs in the global environment: status at the end of 2012
R.J. Law*, A. Covaci, S. Harrad, D. Herzke, M.A.-E. Abdallah, K. Fernie, L.-M. Toms, H. Takigami (2014) Environment International, 65; 147-158
Risk screening of non-native freshwater fishes at the frontier between Asia and Europe: first application in Turkey of the Fish Invasiveness Screening Kit (FISK)
A.S. Tarkan, G. Ekmekci, L. Vilizzi and G.H. Copp* (2014) Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 30; 392-398
Macrofaunal production and biological traits: spatial relationships along the UK continental shelf
S.G. Bolam*, J.D. Eggleton* (2014) Journal Sea Research 88 47-58
Microevolution of Renibacterium salmoninarum: evidence for intercontinental dissemination associated with fish movements
O. Brynildsrud, E.J. Feil,J. Bohlin, D. Colquhoun, U. McCarthy, I. M. Matejusova, L. Rhodes, G. Wiens, and D.W.Verner-Jeffreys* (2014) The ISME Journal 8; 746-756
Impact of a short term exposure to tributyl phosphate on morpholgy, physiology and migratory behaviour of European eel during the transition from freshwater to the marine environment.
L. Privitera*, K. Aarestrup, A. Moore* (2014) Ecology of Freshwater Fish 23 (2) 171-180
Tidal and wind-event variability and the distribution of two groups of Pseudo-nitzschia species in an upwelling-influenced Ría
P. A.Díaz , M. Ruiz-Villarreal, L. Velo-Suárez, I. Ramilo, P. Gentien , M. Lunven , L. Fernand*, R. Raine, B. Reguera (2014) Deep Sea Research Part II, 101: 163-179
Vertical and horizontal controls of a haptophyte thin layer in the Bay of Biscay, France
Hazel Farrell PatrickGentien , LiamFernand*, Pascal Lazure , Michel Lunven ,Agnes Youenou , Beatriz Reguera , RobinRaine (2014) Deep-Sea Research II 101 (2014)80–94
Updated Cefas Recommendations for Spawning Finfish – English & Welsh Blocks (PDF, 874 KB)
M. La Vedrine (2014)
Opportunities and limitations of molecular methods for quantifying microbial compliance parameters in EU bathing waters
David M. Oliver; Melanie van Niekerk; David Kay; A. Louise Heathwaithe; Jonathan Porter; Lora E. Fleming; Julie L. Kinzelman; Elaine Connolly; Andy Cummins; Calum McPhail; Amanna Rahman; Ted Thairs; David N. Lees*; et al (2014) Environment International, 64; 124-128
The potential of offshore windfarms to act as marine protected areas – A systematic review of current evidence
M.C. Ashley, S.C.Mangi* and L.D. Rodwell (2014) Marine Policy; 45, 301-309
Social impacts of a temperate fisheries closure: understanding stakeholders' views
C.E. Hattam, S.C.Mangi*, S.C.Gall and L.D.Rodwell (2014) Marine Policy; 45, 269-278
Fisheries co-management in a new era of marine policy in the UK: A preliminary assessment of stakeholder perceptions
L.D. Rodwell, J. Lowther, C. Hunter and S.C. Mangi* (2014) Marine Policy 45 279-286
Modelling risk areas in the North Sea for blooms of the invasive comb jelly Mnemiopsis leidyi (Agassiz, 1865)
K. Collingridge*, J. van der Molen* and S. Pitois*. (2014) Aquatic Invasions 9 (1) 21-36
Evolutionary impact assessment: accounting for evolutionary consequences of fishing in an ecosystem approach to fisheries management
A.T. Laugen, G.H. Engelhard*, R. Whitlock, R. Arlinghaus, D.J. Dankel, E.S. Dunlop, A.M. Eikeset, K. Enberg, C. Jørgensen, S. Matsumura, S. Nusslé, D. Urbach, ..., M. Heino, A.D. Rijnsdorp and U. Dieckmann (2014) Fish and Fisheries 15: 65-96
Scavenging on trawled seabeds can modify trophic size structure of bottom-dwelling fish
S. Shephard, C. Minto, M. Zolck, S. Jennings*, D. Brophy and D. Reid (2014) ICES Journal of Marine Science 71; 398-405
Impacts of climate change on marine ecosystem production in fisheries-dependent societies
M. Barange, G. Merino, J.L. Blanchard, J. Scholtens, J. Harle, E.H. Allison, J.I. Allen, J. Holt and S. Jennings* (2014) Nature Climate Change, 4: 211-216
A temporal and spatial assessment of TBT concentrations at dredged material disposal sites around the coast of England and Wales
T. Bolam*, J. Barry*, R.J. Law*, D. James*, B. Thomas*, S.G. Bolam* (2014) Marine Pollution Bulletin, 79; 326-332
Efficacy of tagging European catfish Silurus glanis (L., 1758) released into ponds
E.M.A. Rees, J.R. Britton, M.J. Godard*, J.I. Miller, K.J. Wesley and G.H. Copp* (2014) Journal of Applied Ichthyology 30; 127-129
Economic Assessment of the Recreational Value of Ecosystems: Methodological Development and National and Local Application
A. Sen, A.R. Harwood, I.J. Bateman, P. Munday, A. Crowe, L. Brander, J. Raychaudhuri, A.A. Lovett, J. Foden* and A. Provins (2014) Environmental and Resource Economics (2014) 57(2)
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