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Cefas Technology Limited
CTL's portfolio includes tags, readers and software. If offers a full range of technical, scientific and sales support.

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Tags and tracking

G5 and G6 tags

Cefas has been in the vanguard of developing sophisticated electronic data storage tags (DSTs) that have led to a quantum leap in the study of animal migrations and behaviour.

Integrated circuitry has led to the development of ever-smaller archival tags that measure a range of parameters.  Our researchers can now track species' movements while at liberty for up to two years, and relate complex behavioural patterns to local environments.

Tagging devices provide valuable data, and the results are used to establish:

  • the behaviour of tagged individuals, through physical and physiological data
  • stock migration patterns
  • the effects of human activities and obstructions on migrations
  • the effect of fish behaviour on the efficiency of sampling methods (trawling and acoustic survey)
  • the impact of specific patterns of behaviour on stock size.

Evidence gleaned from tags and tracking devices underpins the assumptions used in fisheries and other species models. It also helps our scientists to formulate informed advice on marine and fisheries subjects for bodies such as the International Council for Exploration of the Sea (ICES), Defra and the European Union (EU).

Cefas has vast expertise in the design and development of miniature electronic tags and high-resolution tracking systems for monitoring fish, birds and animals. Our Electronics Design team provides world-renowned expertise, designing devices with an integrated range of sensors and transmitters that are sealed in packages capable of withstanding hostile environments.

Development projects are conducted in multi-disciplinary teams involving biologists, electronic engineers, software developers and commercial manufacturers. This ensures that systems fully meet research needs and can subsequently be reliably manufactured in large quantities.

We have specialised skills in

  • sophisticated high-resolution tracking systems for juvenile and adult fish and shellfish in marine and freshwater environments
  • miniature devices suitable for tracking and monitoring the behaviour of animals in extreme and demanding environments
  • an innovative range of radio, acoustic and archival tags
  • technological expertise in the development of data storage tags and telemetry for free-swimming fish
  • pioneering tag-attachment techniques
  • active sonar and acoustic buoy-tracking equipment
  • novel physical, physiological and biological sensors
  • satellite communications facilities
  • data-analysis systems.

For more about our capabilities in this area, please contact us.

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