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UK-Netherlands collaborative monitoring programme

This is a joint UK-Netherlands monitoring programme in the Southern North Sea designed to improve our understanding of environmental variability and ecosystem functioning. It represents a further step towards creating a co-ordinated monitoring network for the North Sea. It will integrate both temporal measurements,  through instrumented buoy deployments, and spatialb4 SmartBuoy measurements, through the deployment of towed instruments. The aim of the programme is to better determine spatial and temporal variability in the critical environmental variables such as suspended particle load, nutrient concentration and phytoplankton biomass with a view to providing improved measures of ecosystem health, to provide high-frequency datasets on the plankton and the physico-chemical control variables and to provide datasets for the improved parameterisation and testing of ecosystem models.

This programme of deployment of our Smart Moorings in Dutch coastal waters builds on the success of earlier work which has now firmly established a close working relationship between Cefas and the Netherlands Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) and its laboratory the National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management (RIKZ).

With funding from the UK (Defra) and Netherlands governments, Cefas and RIKZ are jointly operating a SmartBuoy to measure the rapidly changing environmental conditions in Dutch coastal waters. The buoy is sited in the highly dynamic water in a region of freshwater influence (ROFI) in the vicinity of the Rhine outflow. The SmartBuoy has been deployed at several sites offshore from Noordwijk ann Zee. All locations are Netherlands standard monitoring sites and will allow comparison of the measurements obtained from the standard methods employed in a ship-based monitoring programme with the automated in situ SmartBuoy data. In addition, the results will allow assessment of the causes and effects of the rapidly changing environmental conditions in this area.

Deployment Group Description Location Period
OYSTER GROUND DEPLOYMENTS 54 25'.0N - 004 02'.0E 14/03/06 -
NOORDWIJK 5 DEPLOYMENTS 52 16'.6N - 004 22'.1E 26/02/02 - 23/04/02
NOORDWIJK 2 DEPLOYMENTS 52 15'.2N - 004 24'.2E 17/09/01 - 09/01/02
NOORDWIJK 10 DEPLOYMENTS 52 18'.1N - 004 18'.2E 07/03/00 - 19/09/01

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