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Noordwijk 5

Noordwijk 5 SmartBuoy, 52°16'.6N 004°22'.1E, 26/02/2002 - 23/04/2002

Following four months of successful monitoring at Noordwijk 2, it was decided to move the SmartBuoy to Noordwijk 5. A Cefas MiniPod beingDeployed SmartBuoy used in the study of sediment transport along the Dutch coast was also moved to this location. These sites were routinely monitored by RIKZ using survey vessels as part of their marine monitoring programme.

The SmartBuoy took high frequency measurements of physical, chemical and biological variables. These data helped to complete the picture of annual, seasonal and episodic (e.g., algal blooms, storm events) changes that are observed in these coastal waters, providing insights into the mechanisms causing such changes to occur.

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