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Marine Climate Change Centre (MC3)

Our seas are changing, and around the UK they are changing potentially faster than any other place on the planet.

MarineClimate front climate change is having serious effects on people's lives, the environment and our economy. Yet, there is still much that we do not know or fully understand.

Cefas' Marine Climate Change Centre - the MC3 - is a practical response to the issues addressed within the UK's Climate Change Act. It co-ordinates the current thinking on marine climate change issues, investigates gaps in our knowledge and helps the UK to develop a robust response to these important challenges.

As such  MC3 scientists wrote the marine and fisheries sector reports for the Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) and will provide support for the National Adaptation Programme.

The MC3:

The MC3 is committed to making climate science programmes and research as accessible as possible. For example, it hosts the Secretariat for the Marine Climate Change Impact Partnership (MCCIP). This partnership brings together scientists, government and non-governmental organisations to provide co-ordinated evidence and advice. MCCIP's Annual Report Card succinctly summarises the current state of our knowledge on maritime climate change impacts.

Our partners

The MC3 works with a number of strategic partner organisations: 

For more information about the MC3 contact: marine.climate@cefas.co.uk.

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