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01 December 2014
Season's greetings

02 April 2014
Environmental Monitoring of Marine Spills – The 2nd PREMIAM Conference

07 March 2014
Discards Ban road shows coming to Wales

20 December 2013
Collaboration opportunites in 2014

18 October 2013
Marine bacteria causing illness cross the Atlantic for first time

30 August 2013
ASSIST road shows planned for English ports this autumn

12 July 2013
Making sense of animal numbers: Cefas hosts Statistical Ecology meeting

19 June 2013
Cefas' 2012-13 Annual Report and Accounts published

23 May 2013
Have your say about environmental rules and regulations

13 February 2013
Rising acid levels may make sea sediments more toxic

13 February 2013
Operational oceanography summer course lined up

05 February 2013
Surf's up! Wave glider trials in the North Sea

13 December 2012
Marine Conservation Zones consultation announced

03 December 2012
Cefas and Marine Scotland fish survey data system accredited

29 October 2012
Cefas scientists centre stage at UK-Japan endocrine disrupters workshop

03 October 2012
Media cod claims: "the most wrong number ... ever reported"

19 September 2012
Setting the record straight on mature North Sea cod

31 July 2012
Cefas-developed certified biotoxin reference material now available commercially

10 July 2012
Queen's Award for Cefas Coastwatch Volunteer

17 May 2012
Major milestone reached: animals no longer used in shellfish safety tests

15 May 2012
Cefas scientist to "SPI" on coldwater coral habitats

08 May 2012
Clear indications that climate change is affecting fish stocks

15 March 2012
Fisheries Science Partnership 2012–13: tenders invited in April

29 February 2012
Algal biotoxins tests – new commercial services available

26 January 2012
Climate change risks: Marine and Fisheries report highlights issues

15 December 2011
Cefas giving back – throughout the year

05 December 2011
Isle of Wight sized reef found by seabed mappers

29 November 2011
First-time systematic study into norovirus in oysters published

15 November 2011
NEW! Sanitary survey reports for England and Wales

14 November 2011
Marine oil and chemical-spill response: UK guidelines launched

04 November 2011
Invasive Carpet Sea-squirt - be on the lookout

03 November 2011
Cefas survey blog goes live!

30 September 2011
Exciting Cefas career opportunities

28 September 2011
Cutting-edge science leads to safer food and improved animal welfare

22 September 2011
Video gets the message out: we will catch fish smugglers

16 September 2011
“Appetite for Change”: Cefas speaker at Aldeburgh food conference

15 September 2011
UK public cite coastal erosion as top climate change concern

08 September 2011
Building Brazilian capacity for shellfish exports

02 September 2011
New commercial algal biotoxins testing services coming soon

05 August 2011
New! Shellfisheries advice page and maps added

20 July 2011
Opportunity: Science lead/Group Manager sought

01 April 2011
Cefas web addresses changing

10 February 2011
Commercial shellfish testing service: event for stakeholders

13 January 2011
People Survey results now available

06 January 2011
Web additions and updates now available

01 November 2010
New commercial shellfish testing service launched

24 September 2010
National recognition for MCCIP partnership

13 September 2010
Welcome! Refreshed Cefas website launched today

24 August 2010
Pakistan Floods Appeal - how you can help

14 May 2010
SVC detected in imported fish

25 March 2010
Catch Quota Pilot Project with Remote Electronic Monitoring System: North Sea – Applications invited

03 March 2010
Biggest ever seizure of carp at Dover

25 February 2010
5 new tenders published under the Fisheries Science Partnership

26 November 2009
Previous health and safety practice attracts Crown Censure

20 November 2009
New initiative addresses threats from marine chemical and oil spills

16 October 2009
Successful workshop considered sustainable aquaculture

28 July 2009
Cefas to offer further training courses on the EU aquatic animal health regime

13 July 2009
Cefas comments on Sunday Times story

22 January 2009
Sea angling and marine conservation zones

29 August 2008
WaveNet buoys launched off Scotland

23 June 2008
New publication: Movements of sole in the southern North Sea and eastern English Channel from tagging studies (1955-2004)

New publication: Annual Assessment of Salmon Stocks and Fisheries in England and Wales 2008

Surveying sea anglers: project begins soon

Vacancy: Underwater sound/noise specialist

Cefas scientists to lead sessions at World Fisheries Congress

Scallop “Red Bag scheme” seeks more participants

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