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Intermittent posts

Internet access at sea can be variable, depending on the weather. This means that updates to our blog can be delayed (sometimes for days). Though this is something that is generally out of our control, we do apologise in advance to our blog followers.

Survey blogs

Cefas now has a blog available on Gov UK about Marine Science

Current surveys are found by clicking on this year's link.

Previous years' surveys have been distributed by area or survey subject, and are included in specified folders.

North Sea surveys
47 postings, to 10 June 2013

English Channel and Celtic Sea surveys
40 postings, 24 March 2012 to 29 October 2013

Irish Sea surveys
48 postings, to 02 October 2013

Conservation areas surveys
102 postings, to 24 November 2013

Other surveys
11 postings, to 22 June 2012

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