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About the MEPF

Please note the ALSF ended on 31 March 2011.

The ALSF was started in 2002, following the Finance Act 2001. The ALSF has three main objectives:

  • Minimising the demand for primary aggregates.
  • Promoting environmentally friendly extraction and transport.
  • Reducing the effect of local aggregate extraction.

The main objective of the Marine ALSF is to minimise the impacts of marine aggregate extraction. The Defra chaired Marine ALSF Steering Group agrees the strategic direction of marine projects funded by the ALSF and ensures that they meet with the ALSF objectives. When in operation, the Steering Group oversaw the direction of the MEPF and developed the commissioning strategy for research and dissemination activities. The MEPF programme operated under the following operational governance. MEPF "How we Operate".

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